Nothing, storm or flood, must get in the way of our need for light and ever more and brighter light. The truth is the light and the light is the truth. -- Ralph Ellison, Invisible Man

A series of conversational forums and group discussions, our "Light Bulb Room" takes its central motif from Ralph Ellison's novel Invisible Man. Confronted by racism and disillusionment, the book's narrator retreats underground to tell his story. He turns his basement bunker into a space of reflection, memory, healing, experimentation, and—having hot-wired the room with 1,369 light bulbs—literal illumination with regard to truths about himself and the society in which he lived.

In Ellison’s spirit, and through engaging with his work and legacy, we strive to create a similar zone of free exploration, multicultural good will, and open conversation with an emphasis on positivity and fostering community as we tackle some of the pressing concerns of our own time.

We've projected at least four sessions to meet in 2017. Past installments have incorporated film screenings, poetry readings, and panel presentations on diverse subjects. We are proud to present this series with generous support from Oklahoma Humanities and the National Endowment for the Humanities.