IN THE LIGHT BULB ROOM July 13, 2017: Racial and Cultural Inclusion

Thursday, July 13, 6:30 PM at the Greenwood Cultural Center in Tulsa

A panel discussion on the topic: “Racial & Cultural Inclusion: What Do We Want, and How Do We Want It?”

Separation or assimilation? Integration or segregation? Participation within the dominant culture of the white mainstream or removal from it? Some version of these troubling questions has haunted American race relations ever since the nation’s founding and still persists today. Our panel discussion will focus on encouraging a fruitful conversation about the benefits and drawbacks of these positions and how they have manifested politically, socially, culturally, and across generations.

Panel participants will include Jonathan Townsend, candidate for the District 73 congressional seat in the Oklahoma House of Representatives, as well as Tulsa educators Jasmine Johnson, Philip Johnson, and Kenesha Daniels.

To guide discussion, we will draw upon Ralph Ellison’s essay “What America Would Be Like Without Blacks” and explore the ways in which his statement there is still true—in our time as it was in his—that “today it is the black American who puts pressure upon the nation to live up to its ideals.” We encourage participants to read this selection before the session. The essay is available here.

Our In the Light Bulb Room series of conversational forums is sponsored by Oklahoma Humanities and the National Endowment for the Humanities with this session operated in partnership with the Greenwood Cultural Center.

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